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Convert your subtitles to Essential Graphics with Subtitle2xml!

How to 'Burn in' subtitles in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Have you ever imported a subtitle file in Adobe Premiere Pro CC with the intention to make burned in subtitles? As you might have noticed, the caption editor in Premiere doesn’t give you much styling options, and is pretty cumbersome in usage. If you want to go the way of creating an Essential Graphics title for each subtitle, that means you’ll have to do a lot of copying and pasting by hand.

There must be an easier way, right?

This is where subtitle2xml comes in action! Subtitle2xml converts subtitle files to xml files, that can be imported in Adobe Premiere pro as Essential Graphics titles!

Import your .srt file into Subtitle2xml

Just import your srt file into subtitle2xml, or import multiple files at once. You can preview your subtitles, and add or remove subtitles from your render queue. There’s also the ability to load your own styling template, or just stick with the default one.

Export to Premiere Essential Graphics

Once you’re happy, just click the export button and select where you want to save. Subtitle2xml now converts your subtitles to xml files that can be read by Adobe Premiere Pro.

Overlay your titles in Premiere

When that’s finished, import the xml files into Adobe Premiere Pro CC. All your subtitles are now converted to timelines filled with Essential Graphics titles. You can overlay them on your videos, change timings, and even change the text on the fly!

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Import subtitles

Import your subtitles into Subtitle2xml.

Export subtitles

Import your subtitles into Subtitle2xml.

Overlay them in Premiere

Import your subtitles into Subtitle2xml.

Make your editing life easier in 5 steps

Step 1

Import your subtitles in subtitle2xml.

Step 2

Preview your subtitles, and load a styling template.

Step 3

Export your subtitles as xml files.

Step 4

Import the xml file in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Step 5

Overlay the Essential Graphics titles on your videos.

With subtitle2xml it’s easy to make your subtitles look the way you want them. Simply style a title in the Adobe Premiere Pro CC Essential Graphics panel like you normally would to create a subtitle.

Then, export the sequence with the just created title as a Final Cut Pro xml file.

This xml file can be imported in subtitle2xml as a styling template! All loaded subtitles will use this style now.

Load a styling template with subtitle2xml.

Give your subtitles some style

Deliver easy-to-use subtitles to your clients

It’s also possible to deliver highly compatible transparent Quicktime files with Subtitle2xml in combination with Adobe Media Encoder. This means the subtitles can be used in any editing program that supports the Quicktime codec.

Just import the subtitles into subtitle2xml. After you’ve previewed your titles and loaded your styles preset, click the export button.

Afterwards, import the xml file into Adobe Media Encoder, and simply export it to any codec you want that supports an alpha layer. The Quicktime Animation codec is a great choice for this.

Now you or your client can overlay this subtitle video over their video, just as if it’s a normal subtitle2xml xml file.

Exporting subtitles to transparent video with Adobe Media Encoder
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