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Subtitles out of sync?

Don’t you hate it when subtitles don’t play in sync with your video or movie? It might just be milliseconds off, or it can be way out of sync by seconds or even minutes.

You look through the settings of your video player, and search for a setting to synchronise your subtitles. Players like VLC do have an option for that, although you’ll have to resync it every time you start the video.

Synchronising your subtitles with Subtitle Retimer

Subtitle Retimer fixes this problem for you. You can load a subtitle you want to resync. Now you can add or subtract milliseconds, seconds, minutes, and even hours to it or from it. When you click the export button, your sync settings will be saved into the subtitle (.srt) file.

Now when you play your video or movie with those subtitles, it will always play in sync without having to fiddle with settings.

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